If the company or DJ you are considering is not listed on this free directory, please manually verify the below standards to ensure they are ethical.

The Lake Havasu DJ Network  is a no cost service that attempts to raise the bar locally by verifying Lake Havasu DJs:

Operate legally (LHC business license, legal music, services backed by a contract)
• Provide their clients with piece of mind (backup/redundancy, event insurance)
• Continue their education with peer-to-peer networking & national conferences.

I have been providing my service as a Dj since I was 10 years old. I’ve covered small and large events . Weddings, quinceañeras, graduation, corporate events . Anything to do with music or sound, I’ve done it.

Mobile DJ SERVICES Karaoke KJ. I have a Music Questionnaire that I give clients to help with song selection, I've been told from a few that it actually helped with the event planning.

We are a very well rounded company and can do any type of event and also offer bilingual djs too. We cover a variety of genres in our library and will assist in the planning of your event when one is not provided.